Patch a Tear in a Metal Gutter

Patch a Tear in a Metal Gutter


Step 1. Clean the Area Use the extension ladder with the ladder stabilizer to reach the top of the gutters. Make sure you brace the feet of the ladder before you step on. Clean the damaged area with a wire brush and then go over it with an abrasive pad to smooth. Wash the dust and residue away and let it dry.

Caution: Stabilize the Ladder Use an adjustable ladder stabilizer that attaches to your ladder and braces on the roof. This helps keep the ladder from slipping and it also allows you to work on the gutters that are directly in front of you. It is also important to brace the feet of the ladder. Put the ladder feet on blocks (to make them level) and then drive stakes into the ground so that they are right behind the ladder feet.

Step 2. Apply Roof Cement Cover the damaged area, plus a few inches outside, with roof cement using the putty knife. You want the cement to be about 1/8-inch thick.

Step 3. Fix Patch with Roof Cement Bend the flashing to fit the inside contours of the gutter. You want it to cover the damaged area and one side. Press the patch into the cement. With a little bit of roof cement, go over the edges of the patch. You want to feather the edges of the cement so a dam doesn’t form. Do this by using more pressure at the edges of the cement, thereby making it thinner.