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Making the switch to environmentally friendly products is as easy as shopping at your local True Value. The Greener Options program helps you make the right product choices for the environment and your world. With hundreds of items available, your ability to make a difference starts here.

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Maintain a beautiful lawn & garden without pesticides.

Plants that are chemically fertilized may look lush, but traditional fertilizing promotes plants that are more susceptible to disease. Chemicals from the fertilizer infuse the soil and, ultimately, contaminate our water supply. Using an all-natural fertilizer balances the pH of the soil, is environmentally safe and not harmful to animals, plants or you.

What you put on your walls should stay on your walls.

According to the EPA, indoor air is considered to be one of the top five hazards to human health. Traditional household paint contains toxins that can still be released into the air years after application. Use low-VOC products for better air quality.

Make the switch to CFL bulbs. Consider using compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). You’ll lower your electric bill and pay less in the long run—CFLs last up to 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. To save even more on lighting, install dimmer switches and use timers, both indoors and out. You’ll find a complete selection of CFL bulbs, dimmer switches and timers at your local True Value.

Conserve water and lower your water bills. Install water- efficient showerheads. With the new low-flow models now available, a family of four can cut water usage by as much as 280 gallons a month—and yet not feel much difference in water pressure.

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Shopping List

Make the world a more sustainable place with the right products from True Value.

All-natural,  organic ingredients won’t contaminate the water supply

Organic Potting Mix

Compost Maker

Plant and mineral-based natural cleaning products

Mini compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last longer

✓ CFL Bulbs

Solar LIghting

Light Timers

Low-VOC products reduce toxic emissions

✓ Silicone Window & Door Caulk

Porch & Floor Coating

Low-VOC Paint

Increased water pressure results in less water used

✓ Water Timers

Fill Valves

Water-Amplifying Shower Head

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